Radiaction Medical Announces the Latest Food and Drug Administration 510(k) Clearance for its Novel, Automated Radiation Shield System, Highlighting U.S. Expansion

Latest authorization permits the Radiaction Shield System to be used in more labs across the United States

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Radiaction Medical, Ltd. (“Radiaction”), a medical device innovator dedicated to providing healthcare physicians and staff with effective radiation protection during interventional procedures, announced today it has received an additional 510(k) Clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Radiation Shielding System, one that enables compatibility with the Siemens Artis family of fluoroscopy C-Arm machines. The Shield System functions as an accessory to new and legacy C-arm models. Since its market debut in Spring 2022, the Radiaction Shield System stands alone as the only fully automated and integrated, head-to-toe shielding device that blocks radiation scatter at its source. Building upon its previous clearance with Toshiba Infinix-I systems, this latest authorization permits the Shield System to be used in a greater number of interventional cardiology and electrophysiology labs across the United States, expanding the availability of Radiaction’s potentially life-saving radiation shield to yet more physicians and staff.

Fluoroscopy-guided procedures have become a leading source of occupational ionizing radiation exposure for healthcare providers. Currently available radiation protection solutions have limitations—leaving gaps in full body coverage, providing reduced protection to staff, and creating obstructions that can limit access to the patient. Radiaction’s technology blocks the threat of radiation exposure and eliminates these limitations. Clinical studies have shown that the Shield System can reduce radiation scatter to the entire interventional lab by over 90%1, with even higher reductions to the heads and upper bodies of the treating physicians.

“The reactions to our Shield System technology and capabilities have been extremely encouraging. Awareness has been growing about the negative implications of staff radiation exposure in interventional labs, but until now, there was no meaningful, comprehensive way to address the problem,” said Jonathan Yifat, Radiaction’s CEO. “We are now in a historic position and uniquely poised to drive a truly novel, integrated, and automated solution to market, and directly into the hands of the dedicated healthcare providers at all levels delivering top-tier patient care.”

As Radiaction grows to take advantage of new opportunities in interventional cardiology and electrophysiology created by the FDA clearance, the company is building out its U.S. footprint, recently opening its U.S. Headquarters and Training Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The fully operational demonstration, training, and visitation center will host and educate physicians and hospital staff.

To extend the company’s market reach, Radiaction recently appointed Amanda Bloom as Vice President of Marketing. Her mission is to focus sharply on expanding Radiaction’s market awareness and product pipeline capabilities. She also plans to develop education, support, and advocacy tools to ensure that the company’s growing customer base is fully supported as they understand and adopt this compelling new technology.

The additional FDA 510(k) clearance along with Radiaction’s new staff and facilities are milestone events marking an inflection point for the fast-growing organization. Now, with Radiaction’s Shielding System, physicians can deploy a radiation shielding device at the touch of a button, fully protecting themselves and their staff.

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About Radiaction and RSS

Radiaction, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, offers the Shield System to create a radiation-safe environment for all healthcare team members, revolutionizing X-ray protection with full-body shielding to all staff during fluoroscopy-guided procedures. Placed on the fluoroscope’s C-arm, the Shield System encapsulates the imaging beam and blocks scattered radiation at its source, without increasing radiation to the patient or affecting imaging. This represents a paradigm shift in medical staff radiation protection. Installations target the interventional cardiology and electrophysiology markets, where the highest radiation exposures occur.

Radiaction was founded by Amir Belson, MD and its lead investor is InnovaHealth Partners, LP.

To learn more about Radiaction and how the Shield System technology can protect your healthcare staff, visit our website at www.radiactionmedical.com, or email: contact@radiactionmedical.com.


  1. Laish-Farkash A, et al. EuroIntervention 2022;18:262-266.

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