Next-Generation Radiation Protection

Protect healthcare teams from C-arm scatter radiation.

The revolutionary Radiaction system is the first and only technology to proactively block radiation at the source, providing comprehensive, head-to-toe radiation protection to the entire interventional team.

  • Radiaction provides high levels of C-arm scatter radiation protection to physicians and staff while allowing unencumbered patient care, access, and service.
  • This simple yet sophisticated technology attaches to the C-arm and dynamically deploys at the touch of a button, seamlessly integrating into any workflow for all procedures and allowing immediate patient access.
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Reduce up to 97% of Radiation Exposure to the Treating Physician’s Head, Neck, and Face*


Block over 90% of Radiation Exposure to the Entire Room, Protecting the Entire Medical Staff*

Simple Concept, Sophisticated Technology, Safe Interventional Team. Radiaction Changes Everything.


Radiation Blocking

Radiation Blocking at the Source

Staff Protection

Protection for the Entire Staff

Full Body

Full Body Head-To-Toe Protection

Patient Access

Allows Immediate Patient Access

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment and Retraction (2-3 seconds)


Accessory to C-arm. Works in Any C-arm Angulation For All Cath Lab Procedures

Comprehensive Head-To-Toe Radiation Protection Accessory to Your Existing C-arm

Radiaction creates a dynamic barrier at the touch of a button without compromising image quality. Physicians can maintain workflow efficiency with a setup that takes just seconds and one-button operation, retraction, and deployment. Because Radiaction blocks radiation at the source, the team maintains immediate access to their patients in everyday cases or emergencies while benefiting from advanced radiation protection.

Allows C-arm Maneuverability

Allows C-arm Maneuverability

No-Impact on Clinical Workflow

No-Impact on Clinical Workflow

Fixed C-arm Retrofit

Fixed C-arm Retrofit

X-Y Pan-Mode Support

X-Y Pan-Mode Support

*Laish-Farkash A, et al. EuroIntervention 2022;18:262-266

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