Awareness Regarding Exposure
to Ionizing Radiation Is on the Rise

Physicians and staff are at risk for radiation-based complications.

Scatter Radiation Safety Is a Growing Concern

Radiaction Medical aims to protect physicians and interventional teams working in catheterization laboratories from ionizing radiation-based complications. Standard heavy lead aprons physicians and staff wear can lead to an array of orthopedic problems while only offering partial protection.

Radiation Exposure Can Cause a Range of Health Issues

Brain Tumor
Breast Cancer
Cognitive Degradation
Fetal Exposure
Orthopedic Injury
Thyroid Disease

Protection for Females Working With Image-Guided Procedures

Radiation exposure is commonly identified as a significant barrier for women considering a career in one of the many cardiac specialties. New research highlights breast cancer as another primary concern occurring at 1.7 times the expected rate in radiologists, surgeons, and cardiologists compared to female physicians not working with radiation.**

Reducing Scatter Radiation Risks for Physicians and Staff

Attract more top physicians, residents, women, and clinical staff. Radiaction is a full-body radiation protection technology that surpasses current coverage from lead aprons, shields, and shielding systems, all without compromising safety, functionality, image quality, or patient access.

Trusted in Real World Clinical Settings

Dr. Ashish Bhatia | Electrophysiologist

"Prior to Radiaction, I was speaking to my facility about decreasing my procedure hours due to my concerns with radiation exposure, now I feel great comfort having the system in my EP lab, and I never want to perform procedures without it…the blue light indicating the system is deployed gives me great comfort."

Assuta Ashdod University MC

Prof. Avishag Laish-Farkash | Head of Electrophysiology

“Protecting myself and my team from scatter radiation is a top priority. Performing long ablation procedures and increased procedure volume exposes electrophysiologists to a high level of accumulated radiation, which becomes a real concern.”

Assuta Ashdod University Medical Center

Prof. Eli Lev | Director Cardiology Department

“Our staff is exposed to a significant amount of scatter radiation, and our aim is to try and decrease and reduce radiation as much as we can….I have to say the system is very easy to deploy and operate. It incorporates very well with the flow of the coronary cath and EP arena. We have seen with our experience that it reduces radiation by over 90 percent, a very significant amount of radiation reduction.”

Overcome the Radiation Barrier

A sophisticated yet simple solution for radiation exposure. Our advanced radiation protection technology allows for patient care while decreasing risk to healthcare providers.


Reduce up to 97% of Radiation Exposure to the Treating Physician’s Head, Neck, and Face*

Radiaction helps hospital staff minimize exposure to scatter radiation and stay below dose limits. Users felt completely safe using the system with high ease of use scores.

Value to Hospitals

  • Allows for Patient Care While Decreasing the Risk to Healthcare Providers.
  • Alleviate Growing Staff Concerns Surrounding Radiation Exposure.
  • Enhance Confidence in the Level of Protection You Provide Your Clinicians and Staff.
  • Lengthen Staff Longevity & Sense of Hospital Support.

*Laish-Farkash A, et al. EuroIntervention 2022;18:262-266
**Journal information: British Medical Journal (BMJ)

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