Protect the Staff That Cares for Your Patients

With a novel solution to scatter radiation protection.

Scatter C-arm Radiation May Present a Health Risk to Medical Teams

In the interventional suite, the number of fluoroscopy-guided procedures is increasing. Therefore, the medical team's exposure to high doses of C-arm scatter radiation is rising.**

Brain Tumor
Breast Cancer
Cognitive Degradation
Fetal Exposure
Orthopedic Injury
Thyroid Disease

Provide Next-Generation Protection From Radiation Risks Exceed Occupational Safety Standards While Maintaining Capacity and Productivity

Attract more top physicians, residents, women, and clinical staff. Radiaction technology is full-body protection that surpasses current coverage from lead aprons, shields, and shielding systems, all without compromising safety, functionality, image quality, or patient access.

**NLM or the National Institutes of Health. Korean J Pain. 2022 Apr 1; 35(2): 129–139

Value to Hospitals

Allows for Patient Care While Decreasing the Risk to Healthcare Providers.

Alleviate Growing Staff Concerns Surrounding Radiation Exposure.

Enhance Confidence in the Level of Protection You Provide Your Clinicians and Staff.

Lengthen Staff Longevity & Sense of Hospital Support.

Value to Hospital Staff with Radiaction Medical Devices

Revolutionize Protection to Your Staff

A sophisticated yet simple solution for radiation exposure. Advanced technology allows for patient care while decreasing risk to healthcare providers.

What the Radiaction System Does for Providers

  • Reduce up to 97% of Exposure to the Treating Physician’s Head, Neck, and Face*
  • Block over 90% of Exposure to the Entire Room, Protecting the Entire Medical Staff*
  • Head-To-Toe Protection for Everyone in the Procedure Room
  • Comprehensive Technology That Helps Exceed Current Radiation Protection Capabilities
  • One-Button Operation, Simple Setup, and Quick Deployment Time

The Benefits to Hospitals

  • Maintain Interventional Room Service, Volume, and Productivity
  • Eliminate Decreased Procedure Volume and Time Lost to Physicians/Staff Reaching Exposure Limits
  • Keep and Maintain Recruits
  • Ensure ALARA Standards Are Met

*Laish-Farkash A, et al. EuroIntervention 2022;18:262-266

High User Satisfaction

Radiaction helps hospital staff minimize exposure to scatter radiation and stay below dose limits. Users felt completely safe using the system with high ease of use scores.

  • No Significant Addition to Procedure Time
  • Quick and Simple Setup and Operation
  • Short Learning Curve
  • Seamlessly Integrates Into the Procedural Workflow
  • No Impact on Image Quality
  • Allows for Immediate Patient Access
  • No Disturbance to Patient Well-Being

Assuta Ashdod University MC

“A game changer in protecting the team.”

Prof. Avishag Laish-Farkash, Head of Electrophysiology

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