Radiaction Medical Unveils Innovative Radiation Protection Solution at RSNA 2021

Tel Aviv, Israel – November 26th, 2021 – Radiaction Medical (“Radiaction”), a medical device company, is launching its US operation with a first demonstration of its innovative radiation shielding solution, protecting entire medical teams from scattered radiation in interventional suites.

Radiaction will present at the Radiological Society of North America (“RSNA”) annual conference, at the McCormick Place, Chicago, booth #6949, November 28th through December 2nd, 2021. Visitors are welcome to learn about the technology and its advantages, see a live demonstration and an interactive multimedia presentation.

Radiaction is revolutionizing radiation protection by launching the only solution on the market that provides full-body shielding to all medical personnel during fluoroscopy-guided procedures, without compromising procedural workflow. Real-life clinical experience has demonstrated an entire room scattered radiation reduction performance of 91% in Interventional Cardiology procedures and 93% in Electrophysiology procedures. Specifically, the system nearly eliminates radiation exposure to the head, which is unprotected with commonly used equipment.

Mounted on the C-arm, the system encapsulates the imaging beam and blocks the scattered radiation at its origin. The system retrofits existing fixed C-arms and is intended for use in Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology and Interventional Radiology labs, where physicians experience the highest rates of radiation exposure.

“We are very excited to enter the US market,” says Mr. Jonathan Yifat, Radiaction’s CEO. “A demonstration center is being built in Florida which will allow partners and physicians to work with the system and evaluate its seamless integration into the clinical workflow. We are highly encouraged from feedback provided by initial users, pipeline centers and customers and are looking forward to changing the paradigm of protection for the medical team during fluoroscopy-based procedures”.

About Radiaction:

Radiaction, which was founded by Amir Belson MD, is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has developed a radiation-shielding system providing a radiation-safe environment for the entire healthcare team. It is revolutionizing radiation protection by providing full-body shielding to all medical personnel during fluoroscopy-guided procedures. Placed on the C-arm, it encapsulates the imaging beam and blocks the scattered radiation at its origin, creating a paradigm shift in medical staff radiation protection.

For more information, visit Radiaction’s website at www.radiactionmedical.com or contact Jonathan Yifat, CEO, Email: Jonathan@radiactionmedical.com

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