Radiaction Opens First EU Radiation Protection Center of Excellence in Collaboration with TMS and Mazowiecki Hospital in Ostrołęka, Poland

Tel Aviv, Israel, Feb 22nd, 2022 — Radiaction Medical Ltd. (“Radiaction”), an innovative medical device company focused on radiation protection in the interventional cardiology and electrophysiology sectors, has entered into a new collaboration with the Interventional Cardiology unit of Mazowiecki Hospital in Ostroleka, Poland and TMS SP Z.O.O. The hospital has received the first installed system in the EU to protect interventional cardiologists and medical staff from the devastating effects of X-ray radiation exposure through the company’s ground-breaking fully-automated shielding technology.

Numerous studies demonstrate the health risks associated with accumulated radiation exposure of the medical personnel working in interventional suites. Increased risks of brain tumors, cognitive degradation, radiation-related illnesses, eye cataracts and more have resulted from repeated long-term exposure to scattered X-ray.

The collaboration between Radiaction, TMS and the Mazowiecki Hospital includes the sale of the shielding device and on-going data collection and research to further enhance the clinical evidence of the device’s performance and its easy integration into the clinical workflow.

Dr. Wojciech Krzyzanowski, Medical Director of the Mazowiecki Hospital, stated “staff protection from radiation is one of our top priorities, while keeping patients’ safety unchanged. We are very excited about our collaboration with Radiaction to protect our physicians and staff from exposure to harmful radiation. Our first impressions of the technology are very positive and we are eager to see the long-term results.”

Dr. Dariusz Karwowski, head of the Interventional Cardiology Unit, added “performing over 2,000 invasive cardiac procedures in our cath-lab every year, the key is to be well protected from the effects of X-ray radiation exposure, while being able to perform the procedures without interference.”

Dr. Pawel Radecki, co-head of the Interventional Cardiology Unit, agreed: “each year, we treat more complex and calcified atherosclerotic lesions in the coronary arteries. The procedures have become much longer and require the administration of increasing doses of radiation. Despite the use of various protection measures available on the market, we could not obtain full protection, especially to the head and arms, which are not covered by current equipment. Once we installed the Radiaction device, we quickly learned how to use it in our clinical procedures and it makes us feel much safer as it provides protection to our entire body”.

Jonathan Yifat, CEO of Radiaction, added “while new innovations have entered the battle against scattered C-arm radiation exposure, none of them shield the entire body, head and eyes of everyone on the medical team without significantly disrupting the clinical workflow with bulky and restrictive barriers that separate patient and staff. We are excited by our collaboration with the Mazowiecki Hospital and the opportunity to protect their team. Following the establishment of this first EU center of excellence, we plan to expand our clinical footprint in the EU and enter the US market”.

About Radiaction:

Radiaction, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has developed a radiation-shielding system providing a radiation-safe environment for the entire healthcare team. The Company is revolutionizing X-ray protection by providing full-body shielding to all medical personnel during fluoroscopy-guided procedures. Placed on the C-arm, the system encapsulates the imaging beam and blocks the scattered radiation at its origin, creating a paradigm shift in medical staff radiation protection. First installations will target the Interventional Cardiology (IC) and Electrophysiology (EP) markets, where physicians experience the highest radiation exposure.

Radiaction was founded by Amir Belson, MD and its lead investor is InnovaHealth Partners, LP.

For more information, visit Radiaction’s website at www.radiactionmedical.com or send an email to: contact@radiactionmedical.com.

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